Updated: 3/11/2019

[Blocked from Release] Miscellaneous Micro

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Miscellaneous Micro
  • Tropheryma whippelii / Whipple's disease
    • associated with positive PAS stain
  • DNA viruses
    • HHV7
    • BK virus
      • transplant patients
      • commonly targets kidney
      • can also cause hemorrhagic cystits
      • same family as JC virus (JC = junky cerebrum, BK = bad kidney)
  • RNA viruses
    • HDV
    • St. Louis encephalitis
    • EEE
    • WEE
    • HTLV
    • LCMV
    • California encephalitis (arbovirus)
    • Sandfly/rift valley fevers
    • Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (arbovirus)

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