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  •  Who are we?
    • Medbullets is a professional site for medical students, residents, and physicians founded and run by physicians and physicians in training
  • Who are our authors?
    • our authors are medical students, residents, and board-certified physicians
    • we require our authors to score higher than > 245 on their all USMLE STEP examinations
      • MB authors average USMLE STEP scores
        • Step 1: 251
        • Step 2: 260
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions or general inquires?
  • How do I post a comment on topics and questions?
    • enter your question, comment, or suggestion in the text box located beneath the section or question and click Add/Save Comment.
  • Is there a format for posting comments?
    • we at Medbullets believe in the "Podium Rule"
      • if you were attending a medical conference or grand rounds and had a question for the speaker or attending, you would present your question in a professional manner
        • if you know of data that conflicts with the speaker, you would cite a reference
      • our best member's comments are those that cite an article or reference to further support their comment
    • we do enjoy your appreciation, and the best way is to leave it on our feedback page
      •  The best way for Medbullets to improve the site is to have our members rate each topic and question they use by selecting the appropriate number of stars (5 = No improvement needed, 1 = Topic needs improvement)
        • we use this rating system to determine which topics needs updating
  • Abbreviations for results section in TestMaster
    • AN - Anatomy
    • BC/NT - Biochemistry
    • CV - Cardiovascular
    • DM - Dermatology
    • EB - Embryology
    • EC - Endocrinology
    • ET - Otolaryngology
    • GL - Gastroenterology
    • HE - Hematology
    • IM - Immunology
    • INF - Infectious Disease
    • NS - Neurologic Science
    • ON - Oncology
    • OP - Ophthalmology
    • OR - Orthopedics
    • PA - Pathology
    • PD - Pediatrics
    • PH - Pharmacology
    • PL - Pulmonology
    • PY - Psychiatry
    • RH - Rheumatology
    • RS - Repro. Sciences
    • ST - Statistics
  • Can I post links to outside resources?
    • we strongly recommend that you only link pubmed articles
    • since our cite is to objectively train our future physicians, we ask that you do not post advertisements or links directing members to non-peer reviewed sites
      • to keep our site objective, we will have to remove those links and comments
  • How do I cite references?
    • search for your reference at
    • a list of references will appear
    • under each reference is a PMID (Pubmed ID), copy the PMID
  • What does the blue highlighting mean?
    • we highlight facts in blue and will bold if we have found them to be higher yield
  • What is a Study Plan?
    • the study plan is an organized method to review the Step 1 or Step 2 topics over the course of 66 days (Step 1) or 62 days (Step 2)
    • you are sent daily emails in which you review the topics for the day, complete all questions on those topics, and take exams on various days
    • does one need to follow the daily emails?
      • no, you can email to either stop the daily emails or have you sent more than 1 email per day
      • if you choose to stop the daily emails, you can also proceed in a self study manner by simply following the study schedule which can be accessed by going to 
        • My menu
          • Group Invites
            • Select the Study Plan you are in
            • Follow the the schedule as you see fit
      • to restart your daily emails, send an email to
        • note, your emails will begin again at Day 1
  • What is the Step 1/2 Premium Qbank
    • you get access to the Virtual Curriculum (VC) questions in the Qbank, new released monthly 40 question exams simulating the blocks of the USMLE, and also the Study Plan
      • the main difference between the Premium Qbank and the Study Plan is that in the Study Plan you are automatically signed up to receive the daily emails, but in the Premium Qbank you are not
  • What is a Milestone exam?
    • our Milestone exams have 40 Never-Been-Seen Questions that you can use to objectively diagnose your areas of strength and weakness
  • Types of questions on MB
    • free questions
      • can be accessed by all members in both the Qbank and on the topic both by clicking on the question icon and at the bottom of the topic
    • VC questions
      • can only be accessed by members who have purchased the Study Plan, can be accessed in the Qbank and also the question icon becomes active so you can now view it and also at the bottom of the topic
        • to purchase a study plan please click on the following links
          • Step 1 Study Plan 
          • Step 2 Study Plan 
    • Never Before Seen (NBS) questions
      • can ONLY be accessed in the mock exams of the Study Plans
      • once the NBS question have been pushed to a VC question (happens periodically), then the new VC (once NBS) can be accessed by clicking on the question icon and also becomes available at the bottom of the question
  • Use of possessives for diseases named after people
    • following the policy of the American Medical Association, we are dropping the use of the 's for diseases named after people
    • for exceptions, please see this article by the AMA 
  • Reviewers
    • we would like to thank our reviewers for 2016
      • Keshav Mugdal - Imperial College London
      • Bryan Song - Jagiellonian University Medical College
      • Dr. Sarina Khanal - ASK Foundation
      • Yuval Pinto - Sackler School of Medicine
      • Stephen Bollinger - Sanford School of Medicine 
    • our reviewer program is by invitaiton only, to increase your chances of receiving an invite, do post > 20 medically related comments, alert us to errors, and ask questions
      • you contact for more information or if you have reached this number of comments
      • your profile will then be assessed for an invitation to apply

·         How do I post a comment on topics and questions?

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