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Updated: Feb 2 2018

Protein Structure

  • Overview
    • Peptide bond
      • formation
        • carboxyl group on one amino acid + amino group on another amino acid
          • results in a loss of water
        • bond can be broken (hydrolyzed) with addition of water across the bond
    • Orders of protein shape
      • primary
        • amino acid sequence
        • determined by
          • covalent peptide bonds
      • secondary
        • stable folding of individual protein domains
          • a protein may have combinations of different secondary structures
        • common forms
          • α-helix, β-pleated sheet
        • determined by
          • amino acid-amino acid interactions via hydrogen bonds
      • tertiary
        • shape of protein as a whole which imparts functionality to a protein
          • shape may be disrupted (denatured) with changes in solution
        • common forms
          • globular, fibular
        • determined by
          • h-bonding, hydrophobicity, disulfide bridges, ionic bonds
      • quaternary
        • combination of tertiary sub-units
        • examples
          • α + β subunits in hemoglobin
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