Updated: 4/18/2018


Review Topic
  • Function
    • storage form of fatty acids in adipose tissue
  • Synthesis
    • 3 fatty acids + glycerol-3-phosphate → triglyceride
      • glycerol-3-phosphate provided by
        • reduction of DHAP from glycolysis
          • by adipocytes and hepatocytes
        • phosphorylation of free glycerol by glycerol kinase
          • only hepatocytes
  • Catabolism
    • triglyceride hydrolyzed into 3 fatty acids + glycerol
      • catalyzed by hormone sensitive lipase 
        • ↑ regulated by epinephrine and cortisol
        • ↓ regulated by insulin
    • glycerol is a gluconeogenic substrate in the liver
      • converted to DHAP
    • fatty acids undergo β-oxidation in liver and tissues
      • can travel in serum complexed with albumin

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