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Updated: Mar 24 2017

Salivary Gland Tumors

  • Introduction
    • Most commonly occur in the parotid gland
      • generally benign
      • if the tumor involves a non-parotid gland it is more likely to be malignant
    • Types
      • pleomorphic adenoma
        • most common tumor
        • more common in females
        • benign with high rate of recurrence but may become malignant
      • Warthin's tumor
        • benign
        • more common in males
        • heterotopic salivary gland tissue located in a lymph node
        • surrounded by lymphatic tissue
      • mucoepidermoid carcinoma
        • most common malignant tumor
          • note: muco = malignant
        • generally involves parotid gland
        • combination of neoplastic mucus and squamous cells
  • Presentation
    • Physical exam
      • painless, moveable mass found at the angle of the jaw
        • pleomorphic adenoma
      • disturbance in CN VII function
        • more likely to be malignant pleomorphic adenoma
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