Updated: 2/23/2020

Annular Pancreas

Review Topic
  • Embyrologic deformity of the pancreas 
  • Pancreas normally develops from one dorsal and two ventral buds
  • Ventral buds normally rotate with duodenum, but if they fail to do so, annular pancreas may form 
  • Three theories to explain this:
    • Adherence of the ventral bud to the duodenal wall prior to rotation, resulting in its persistence and encirclement of the duodenum (Lecco's theory).
    • Persistence and enlargement of the left ventral bud (Baldwin's theory).
    • Hypertrophy and fusion of the ventral and dorsal buds before rotation of the gut, resulting in complete encirclement of the duodenum.
  • Symptoms
    • bowel obstruction in a newborn
      • see Bowel obstruction topic

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