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Updated: Apr 17 2015

Pancreatic Secretion

  • Overview
    • Pancreatic secretions
      • overview
        • exocrine pancreas releases secretions into duodenum of small intestine
          • secretions contain aqueous and enzymatic components
            • aqueous component
              • contains HCO3-
                • neutralizes H+ delivered to duodenum from stomach
            • enzymatic component
              • contains pancreatic enzymes
                • digest carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids into absorbable molecules
                • lipid digestion begins in the duodenum; however, lipid absoprtion occurs primarily in the jejunum
      • formation of pancreatic secretions
        • exocrine pancreas organization resembles that of salivary glands
        • acinar cells secrete enzymatic components of pancreatic secretions
          • see Pancreatic Enzymes
        • centroacinar cells and ductal cells secrete initial isotonic aqueous components of pancreatic secretions
        • ductal cells modify initial isotonic aqueous components by transport processes in ductal epithelial cells
          • modification results in HCO3- release into pancreatic secretions and net absorption of H+
            • causes acidification of pancreatic blood
          • pancreatic secretions remain isotonic
      • flow rate and composition of pancreatic secretions
        • flow rate changes HCO3- and Cl- concentrations in pancreatic secretions
          • reciprocal relationship
          • at highest flow rates
            • high HCO3- and low Cl-
          • at lowest flow rates
            • low HCO3- and high Cl-
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