Updated: 1/6/2016

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Review Topic
  • Abnormal frequency and intensity of menses
    • polymenorrhea - frequent
    • oligomenorrhea - infrequent
    • hypomenorrhea - low intensity bleeding
    • hypermenorrhea - high intensity bleeding
    • metrorhagia - frequent but irregular bleeding
    • menometrorrhagia - high intensity, irregular bleeding
  • Most commonly occurs at the beginning (puberty) or end (menopause or perimenopause) of menses
    • typically a result of anovulation (anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding)
      • without a corpus luteum there is an estrogen-progesterone inbalance
        • progesterone is required for maintenance of endometrium
    • may also occur with ovulation (inadequate luteal phase)
      • inadequate maintenance/maturation of corpus luteum
  • Bleeding past menopause is most commonly endometrial hyperplasia/cancer
  • Medical (anovulatory, inadequate luteal phase)
    • progesterone
    • OCP

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