Updated: 3/16/2018

Gartner Duct Cyst

Review Topic
  • During a routine pelvic exam, a 20-year-old woman has a 1 cm cystic mass incidentally discovered on the lateral wall of the vagina. She has no past medical history. She denies any pain or symptoms associated with the cyst.
  • Incomplete regression of wolffian mesonephric duct
  • Submucosal along anterior or lateral wall of the upper vagina
    • benign
    • usually small (<2cm) and asymptomatic 
      •  if larger, may cause mass effect on adjacent structures
  • Usually isolated but possible associations with metanephric urinary system abnormalities
    • renal agenesis
    • ipsilateral renal dysplasia
    • Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome
  • Symptoms
    • dyspareunia
    • difficulty inserting tampons
  • Pelvic exam
    • cyst on the anterior or lateral vaginal wall
  • Histology
    • nonmucinous cuboidal or columnar epithelium
  • Differential diagnosis
    • Bartholin cyst: usually posterolateral vagina
    • urethral diverticulum
Prognosis and Treatment
  • Frequently cysts remain small and require no treatment
  • If symptomatic, surgical exicision

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