Updated: 2/9/2019

Ganglionic Blockers

Review Topic
  • Nicotinic antagonist 
    • hexamethonium
      • first drug developed for hypertension treatment
    • mecamylamine
      • CNS penetration therefore can result in sedation, tremor, and choreiform movements
    • trimethaphan
      • short-acting, IV-administered
  • Clinical use 
    • block nicotinic receptors at sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic ganglia
    • have low selectivity and wide array of effects limiting its use
    • used in experimental models to prevent vagal reflex responses to changes in blood pressure such as to prevent reflex bradycardia caused by NE
  • Toxicity
    • severe orthostatic hypotension
    • cycloplegia with loss of accommodation
    • constipation
    • sexual dysfunction: may prevent erection and ejaculation
    • urinary retention in men with prostatic hyperplasia

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