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Updated: Dec 31 2020

Central and Peripheral Nervous System

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  • Overview
    • Neuronal classification
      • based upon the type of neurotransmitter they release and which inhibitor acts on them
      • cholinergic: acetylcholine (ACh)
        • inhibitors
          • muscarine (M)
          • nicotinic (N)
      • adrenergic: epinephrine (Epi)
      • noradrenergic: norepinephrine (NE)
      • dopaminergic: dopamine (D1 and D2)
    • Central Nervous System (CNS) = brain and spinal cord
    • Autonomic: controls activities NOT under direct conscious control
      • parasympathetic (ACh M)
        • cardiac muscle
        • smooth muscle
        • nerve terminals
        • gland cells
      • sympathetic
        • cardiac muscle (NE)
        • smooth muscle (NE)
        • sweat glands (ACh M)
        • gland cells (NE)
        • renal vascular smooth muscle (D1)
        • nerve terminals (NE)
    • Somatic (ACh N): controls activities under direct conscious control (movement and respiration)
      • skeletal muscle
  • ACh receptors
    • Nicotinic ACh receptors
      • ligand-gated Na+/K+ channels
      • 2 subtypes
        • NN
          • found in the preganglionic efferent fibers synapsing in the autonomic ganglia
        • NM
          • found in the somatic motor fibers synapsing on neuromuscular junction
    • Muscarinic ACh receptors
      • G-protein coupled receptors
      • 5 subtypes
        • M1
        • M2
        • M3
        • M4
        • M5
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