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Updated: Apr 2 2022

Dosage Calculations

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  • Dose Regimens
    • Dose Regimens
      • a dose regimen is a plan for drug administration over a period of time
      • an optimal dose regimen results in achievement of therapeutic levels of a drug in blood without the exceeding minimum toxic concentration
      • if it is necessary to achieve target plasma levels of a drug rapidly, a loading dose is used to "load" Vd with drug
      • to maintain plasma concentration of drug within a specified range over long periods of therapy, a schedule of maintenance doses is used
    • Definitions
      • Cp = target plasma concentration
      • F = bioavailability
        • F = 1 with IV administration
      • adjusted body weight
        • dosing used for lipophilic drugs in obese individuals
  • Loading Dose
    • Loading dose = Cp x Vd/F
      • loading dose is dose required to achieve a specific plasma drug concentration level with a single administration
      • loading dose will change depending on the volume of distribution in the patient
      • if loading dose is very large (Vd much larger than blood volume), dose should be given slowly to prevent toxicity due to excessively high plasma levels during distribution phase
      • in a patient with impaired kidney/liver function, loading dose remains unchanged
  • Maintenance Dose
    • Maintenance dose = Cp x CL/F
      • maintenance dose is dose required to maintain a target plasma drug concentration level
      • in a patient with impaired kidney/liver function, maintenance dose decreases
        • post-antibiotic effect: once plasma drug concentration falls, there is still antibiotic effects that suppress bacterial growth
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