Updated: 11/9/2015

Sciatic nerve

Review Topic
  • Tibial division
    • motor
      • semitendinous 
      • semimembranous 
      • long head biceps femoris 
    • sensory innervatton
      • none
  • Peroneal division 
    • motor
      • short head of biceps
  • The sciatic nerve originates from lumbosacral plexus L4-S3
    • tibial division
      • orginates from anterior preaxial branches of L4,L5,S1,S2,S3
    • peroneal division
      • originates from from postaxial branches of L4,L5,S1,S2
  • Exits sciatic notch
    • runs anterior or deep to piriformis
    • runs posterior or superficial to short external rotators (superior gemellus, inferior gemellus, obturator internus) 
  • Posterior leg
    • It then runs down the posterior leg where it breaks into its three main divisions at the level of the mid thigh
  • Terminal branches
    • common peroneal nerve
    • tibial nerve
Injury & Clinical Conditions
  • Iatragenic Injury
    • methods to prevent injury
      • routine visual identification not advised in primary THA
      • palpation recommended
      • visual identification is recommened in revision THA
      • hip extension, knee flexion decreases tension on nerve

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