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Updated: Mar 9 2021

Obturator nerve

  • Sensory  
    • medial aspect of the thigh
    • articular branches to hip and knee joints
  • Motor   
    • obturator externus
    • adductor longus
    • adductor magnus
    • adductor brevis
    • gracilis
Course of Obturator Nerve
  • Origin
    • obturator nerve comes from L2, L3, and L4
  • Course
    • substance of psoas
      • the obturator decends through the substance of the psoas and exits medially near pelvic brim
    • behind common iliac vessels
      • passes behind common iliac vessels, lateral to the hypogastric vessels
    • anterior to obturator vessels
      • runs along lateral wall of lesser pelvis, anterior to the obturator vessels
    • enters obturator foramen
      • enters the superior aspect of the obturator foramen
      • it then enters the thigh through the obturator canal
  • Terminal branches
    • anterior branch
      • innervates
        • adductor longus
        • gracilis
    • posterior branch
      • innervates
        • adductor magnus
        • adductor brevis
      • these branches are separated by the obturator externus and adductor brevis
Clinical Conditions
  • Obturator nerve block
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