Updated: 11/7/2015

Superficial radial nerve

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  • Sensory   
    • medial branch
      • sensory function to the ulnar half of the dorsal thumb, dorsal index, long, and radial half of the ring finger
    • lateral branch
      • sensory function to the radial dorsal thumb
  • Originates from the radial nerve proper at the level of the radiocapitellar joint.
  • Underneath the brachioradialis
    • runs distally in the forearm underneath the brachioradialis, lateral to the radial artery.
  • Forearm deep fascia
    • It pierces the deep fascia of the forearm approximately 7 cm proximal to the radiocarpal joint (9 cm proximal to radial styloid)
    • runs over snuff box to supply dorsal radial surface of hand
  • Terminal branches
    • it then divides into two branches: medial and lateral.
Injury & Clinical Conditions
  • Wartenberg's Syndrome 

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