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Updated: Mar 30 2019

Pancreas and Spleen Embryology

Images pancreatic bud.jpg
  • Pancreas
    • Normal embryology
      • outgrowth of foregut endoderm induced by notochord
        • ventral pancreatic bud forms
          • pancreatic head
          • uncinate process
          • main pancreatic duct
        • dorsal pancreatic bud forms
          • body
          • tail
          • isthmus
          • accessory pancreatic duct
        • ventral bud rotates dorsally to fuse with dorsal bud
  • Spleen
    • Mesodermal in origin
    • Derived from dorsal mesentery
    • Supplied by splenic artery which is a branch of the celiac artery
      • travels within the splenorenal ligament
  • Pathology
    • Annular pancreas
      • ventral and dorsal buds fuse both dorsally and ventrally, encircling the 2nd part of duodenum
      • may cause duodenal narrowing
      • emesis is usually nonbilious
    • Pancreas divisum
      • ventral and dorsal buds fail to fuse, forming two separate pancreatic systems
      • prone to pancreatitis
    • Accessory pancreatic duct
      • dorsal pancreatic duct opens into duodenum
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