Updated: 9/4/2018

Bronchopulmonary Segments

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  • Bronchi
    • left (primary) main bronchus divides into 2 (secondary) lobar bronchi
      • supply 2 lobes of left lung
    • right (primary) main bronchus divides into 2 secondary) lobar bronchi
      • right upper lobe bronchus and bronchus intermedius (BI)
        • BI divides into right middle lobe and right lower lobe bronchi
      • supply 3 lobes of right lung
    • each (secondary) lobar bronchus divides into several (tertiary) segmental bronchi
      • RUL (3 segments): apical, posterior, anterior
      • RML (2 segments): lateral, medial
      • RLL (5 segments): superior, medial basal, anterior basal, lateral basal, posterior basal
      • LUL (4 segments): apicoposterior, anterior, superior lingula, inferior lingula
      • LLL (4 segments): superior, anteromedial basal, lateral basal, posterior basal
  • Bronchopulmonary Segments
    • independent respiratory units of lung
      • each bronchopulmonary segment is supplied independently by:
        • a (tertiary) segmental bronchus
        • a tertiary branch of pulmonary artery
          • carry low oxygen ("venous") blood to lungs for oxygenation
        • a branch of bronchial artery

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