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Updated: May 8 2020


  • Overview
    • Conducting Airways
      • "conducting zone" includes:
        • nose
        • nasopharynx
        • larynx
        • trachea
          • contains a cartilaginous layer composed of C-shaped hyaline cartilages
            • prevent collapse of tracheal lumen, especially during expiration
        • bronchi
          • contain a cartilaginous layer composed of discontinuous cartilage plates
          • distal most extent of mucous producing goblet cells
        • bronchioles
        • terminal bronchioles
      • bring air into and out of lungs
      • warm, humidify, and filter air
      • anatomic dead space
        • do not participate in gas exchange
      • walls contain smooth muscle
        • sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation regulates airway diameter
          • mechanism for altering airway resistance and airflow
    • Respiratory Airways
      • "respiratory zone" includes:
        • respiratory bronchioles
          • lined by simple cuboidal cells
        • alveolar ducts
        • alveolar sacs
          • alveolar wall lined by type I and type II pneumocytes
            • type II pneumocytes proliferate after alveolar damage and secrete surfactant
      • participate in gas exchange
        • structures are lined with alveoli
        • exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between alveoli and pulmonary capillary blood occurs rapidly and efficiently across alveoli
          • alveolar walls are thin and have large surface area for diffusion
          • blood-gas barrier = alveolar type I cell - interstitium - capillary endothelial cell
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