Updated: 3/30/2019


Review Topic
  • Innervation of Diaphragm
    • motor supply from left and right phrenic nerves arising from ventral rami of C3, C4, C5
      • “C3, C4, C5 keeps diaphragm alive”
    • diaphragm irritation causes referred pain to shoulder
  • Diaphragmatic Apertures
    • permit structures to pass between thorax and abdomen
    • T8
      • inferior vena cava (IVC)
      • branches of right phrenic nerve
    • T10
      • esophagus
      • left and right vagus nerves
      • esophageal branches of left gastric vessels
    • T12
      • aorta
      • azygos vein
      • thoracic duct

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