Updated: 12/14/2016

Introduction to Bacteria

Review Topic
Bacterial structure

Gram-positive lab algorithm

Gram-negative lab algorithm
  • Shigella - no H2S production
  • Salmonella and Proteus - H2S production (appears black)
Identification of Gram-positive cocci
  • Bile soluble = UNable to be cultured in bile
  • Staphylococci
    • novobiocin
      • saprophyticus is resistant
      • epidermidis is sensitive
  • Streptococci
    • optochin
      • "OVRPS" ("Optochin: Viridans Resistant, Pneumoniae Sensitive")
      • viridans is resistant
      • pneumoniae is sensitive 
      • Enterococcus faecalis is resistant
    • bacitracin
      • group B strep are resistant
      • group A strep are sensitive

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