Updated: 12/18/2017

Muscarinic Antagonists

Review Topic
  • Other agents: propantheline
  • Mechanism
    • similar to the action of atropine but more selective
      • note the "-pine" suffix
    • block M1 receptors on ECL cells
      • ↓ histamine secretion
        • histamine normally acts on parietal cells to ↑ acid production
    • block M3 receptors on parietal cells
      • ↓ HCl secretion
  • Clinical use
    • peptic ulcer
      • PPI use is preferred due to less side effects
  • Toxicity
    • general antimuscarinic side effects
      • tachycardia
      • xerostomia
      • difficulty focusing eyes
  • Mechanism
    • blocks M1 receptors in the vomiting center
  • Clinical use
    • motion sickness
  • Toxicity
    • sedation
    • short-term memory block

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