• NPsDefinition
    • non-cancerous growth of tissue due to chronic inflammation
  • Types
    • allergic polyps
      • affects adults with long history of allergies
    • NSAID-associated polyps
      • most commonly affects women with chronic pain conditions (e.g. fibromyalgia)
      • occurs because of ↑ activity of lipoxygenase pathway when cyclooxygenase pathway is blocked 
        • ↑ concentrations of bronchoconstricting leukotrienes
      • classic (Samter's) triad:
        • NSAIDs or aspirin allergy
        • asthma
        • nasal polyp
    • cystic fibrosis-associated polyps
      • seen in children
        • if a child has a nasal polyp → get a sweat chloride test to assess for CF
      • hyper viscous mucus leads to chronic nasosinus infections

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