• Glomerular filtration barrier
    • a membrane that selectively allows the passage of molecules based on size and charge
    • the glomerular filtration barrier is composed of
      • fenestrated capillary endothelium
      • basement membrane
        • contains heparan sulfate, a negatively charge glycoprotein that repels negatively charged molecules (e.g., proteins such as albumin)
        • also contains type IV collagen
          • clinical correlate
            • Goodpasture's syndrome
              • an autoimmune disorder that consists of antibodies against α3 chain of type IV collagen of the basement membrane of both the glomerulus and alveoli
                • this is categorized as a type II hypersensitivity reaction
      • epithelial layer
        • contains podocyte foot processes
          • clinical correlate
            • minimal change disease
              • a type of nephrotic syndrome that is categorized by effacement of the podocyte foot processes appreciated on 

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