• Introduction 
    • arteriolar hardening
  • Types
    • Mönckeberg arteriolosclerosis 
      • calcification in the media of the arteries
      • usually benign
      • "pipestem" arteries
      • no obstruction to blood flow
    • hyaline arteriolosclerosis 
      • hyaline (anuclear) thickening of small arteries
      • sequelae of essential hypertension
        • increased pressure leads to protein deposits in vessel wall
      • sequelae of diabetes mellitus
        • result of increased vessel permeability (due to non-enzymatic glycosylation of basement membrane) depositing protein in vessel wall
    • hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis 
      • "onion skinning" of arterioles with hyperplasia of smooth muscle cells (more nuclei seen) 
      • result of malignant hypertension    



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